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BARRIER TESTING (Film/Laminate&PackagesSamples)
Sr.No. Test Details Standard
1 Water Vapour Transmission Rate-Film/Laminate ASTMF1249
2 Water Vapour Transmission Rate-PPFabric/WovenBag ASTME398
3 Water Vapour Transmission Rate-Bottle/Blister/Pouch Mocon Instrumented Method
4 Water Vapour Transmission Rate-Film/Laminate ASTME96
5 Water Vapour Transmission Rate-Bottle/Container USP671
6 Oxygen Transmission Rate-Film/Laminate ASTMD3985(DryRH)
7 Oxygen Transmission Rate-Film/Laminate ASTMF1927(VariableRH)
8 Oxygen Transmission Rate-Bottle/Blister/Pouch ASTMF1307
9 N2TransmissionRate Available on request
10 Co2Transmissionrate Available on request
11 Aroma&OdourAnalysis Available on request
12 Organic Gases Transmissionrate Available on request
13 Hydrogen Transmission Rate Available on request
14 Inert Gases Permeation Rate Available on request

Package Integrity Tests-Package/PouchSamples

Sr.No. Test Details Standard
1 Burst Test by Positive Pressure ASTM F 2054
2 Leak Test/ Pressure Loss/ Venting Rate by Positive Pressure ASTM F 2095
3 Creep Test by Positive Pressure ASTM F 1140
4 Bubble Leak Test by Positive Pressure ASTM F2096
5 Leak Test by Vacuum Decay (CCIT) (Bottle, Pouch, Syringe Sample) ASTM F 2338
6 Non-Destructive Leak Test for Flexible Pouches or rigid container Customer Defined Method
7 Bubble Leak Test by Vacuum (Pouch Sample) ASTM D 3078
8 Bubble Leak Test by Vacuum (Rigid bottle Sample) ASTM D 4991
9 Seal Integrity by Dye Penetration ASTM F 1929
Physical Tests for Film/Laminate samples
Sr.No. Test Details Standard
1 Seal Strength ASTMF88
2 Bond Strength ASTMF904
3 Tensile Strength/%Elongation/Modulus/Stiffness ASTMD882
4 Coefficient of Frictionstatic Dynamicwitha vacuumbed ASTMD1894
5 Hot Tack Test/SIT ASTMF1921/ASTM F 2029
6 Puncture Resistance Test EN14477/ASTMF-1306
7 Tear Strength ASTMD1938
8 Tear Strength- for Elastomers & Vulcanized rubbers ASTMD624
9 Peel Force(90/180/customerspecifiedangle) ASTMD3330
10 Gelbo Flex ASTMF392
11 GSM InhouseMethod
12 Thickness ASTMD6988
13 Optical Density ASTMD1003
14 Surface Tension ASTMD-2578
15 Ink Rub Test-Sutherland Type/ScuffTest ASTMD5264/TAPPI830
16 Creep Test CustomerDefinedMethod
17 Shrinkage Test of Film(IsotropicTest) Atthe customer’sspecifiedparameters
18 Customized Testin Tension & Compression Direction InhouseMethod
19 Measurement of Glossat20/60/85° ISO2813,GB/T9754,
20 Falling Dart Impact Test-Plastic Films, Laminates and Composite Paper Sheets ASTMD523,ASTMD2457



Tests for Corrugated Box/Rigid Samples
Sr.No. Test Details Standard
1 FlexuralTest ASTMD790
2 CompressionTest ASTMD695
3 Edge Crush & RingCrush Test TAPPIT-811
4 BendingStiffness ISO5628:1990
Tests for Adhesive Tape/BOPP Tape
Sr.No. Test Details Standard
1 Unwinding Tension Test ASTMD3330
2 Peel Adhesion/Peel Force ASTMD3330
3 Rolling Ball Test ASTMD3121/PSTCStandard
4 Shear Strength Inhouse Method
Sr.No. Test Details Standard
1 Gliding Force/ Break Loose Force ISO 11040-4 & 8
2 Tip Cap Removal/Pull Force ISO 11040-4
3 Metal Adhesion/Metal Bond Amical Method/Aditya Flexi Pack
4 Head Space Analysis

(O2%, CO2 % & balance N2% in Package Sample)

ASTM F 2714/ASTM F 3136
5 Sample Stability Study Test Customer’s specified parameters
6 Squeeze Force Test-Ophthalmic Bottle Customer’s specified parameters