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Hemshell Services Transport Simulation laboratory tests packages and packaged products against all kinds of physical distribution hazards from manufacturing site till point of sale. Thermal Shock vacuum pressure testing would help evaluation of shipping containers subjected to thermal and pressure challenges during Distribution. Hemshell Services transport simulation lab would help reduce shipment damage, troubleshoot
packaging design errors and supply chain issues, identify cost reduction opportunities, meet sustainability requirements and more.
Our transport simulation laboratory capabilities include testing as per ASTM D 4169, ISTA Methods, Amazon  Standards and customised tests . Comprehensive list of tests undertaken is as follows

Random Vibration Test ASTM D4728

Drop Test ASTM D5276

Rotary Vibration Test ASTM D999

Vertical Compression Test ASTM D642 & TAPPI T804

High Altitude Simulation Test ASTM D6653

Incline Impact Test ASTM D880

Rotational Flat Drop & Rotational Edge Drop ASTM D6179

Water Absorption Test ISO 535 & TAPPI T441

Atmospheric Conditioning Test As per customer requirement

Bridge Impact Test ASTM D5265

Concentrated Edge Impact Test ASTM D5276

Burst Test ISO 2759, TAPPI T810 & IS 1060

Edge Crush Test ISO 3037 & TAPPI T811

Environmental Test As per customer requirement

Corrugated Box testing, Concentrated Impact Test, clamping test to conform clamp lifting  suitability of package.

Our Specialties:
Above list of tests can subject packages to a wide variety of tests that replicate shipping conditions in national and international settings for Air, road and Ship transport.

Unique Facility for high altitude testing with realistic pressure and temperature

challenges We have installed unique custom-built Altitude Test Chamber for subjecting packages to simultaneous challenge of temperature and low-pressure altitude conditions. Altitude Chamber allows users to control the test chamber temperature between 2 to 8 Deg. cel. or 23 deg. cels. while subjecting the product under test to various levels of altitude pressures from sea level to 50,000 feet above sea level. This combination of elements allows precise simulation of real-life conditions a product might encounter at various altitude levels.

Features for Altitude Chamber

  • Temperature ranges from 2° to 8°C and 23 deg. cels.
  • Altitude ranges from ground to 50,000 feet.
  • Software controlled altitude and temp cycles adhering to ASTM D6653 as well customised requirements for sensitive products used in Pharma / medical devise industry.

Unique Electromagnetic 3500 Kgf capacity Random Vibration Machine:

Random vibration testing is an excellent general-purpose tool for
environmental vibration simulation. It is possible to create more
precise, and realistic challenge profiles with the technology employed in the random vibration equipment installed . This equipment is fully controlled by built in controller hooked to PC software for subjecting samples to deferent test profiles.

Features of Random Vibration Machine:

  • It can operate X, Y, Z direction & fully programmable for shock Test/Random Vibration/Sine Vibration/bump tests/Customised Vibration.
  • 3500kg load capacity.
  • Bump testing Facility in Positive & Negative direction.

In addition lab has all other equipments needed to comply
needs of ASTM D4169 to carry out tests for various
distribution cycles.