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• High level of quality, confidentiality, and integrity.
• Independent objective analysis and sophisticated interpretation of results.
• All types of PET package testing like Films, Resin, Preform, Bottles, Closures can be done under one roof.
• Sophisticated instruments used to evaluate Solution intrinsic viscosity, Acetaldehyde content.
• Obtain an expert second opinion for quality assurance testing that you perform on your own product.
• Maintain confidence that testing is being conducted using the standard methods.
• Assure consistency of product from different vendors by having samples tested at the same laboratory.
• We provide accurate, reliable, and timely results with the help of our highly motivated, trained and
experience professionals.
• We follow strict quality control standards and accredited methodologies.
• We establish a strong long term, professional relationship with our customer.
• We carry out training and workshops to interact continuously with our customers.
• Water bottles & Pouch making industries.
• Non-alcoholic drinks, Alcoholic drinks, Liquid food, Milk and Dairy Product Industries.
• Pharmaceuticals, Oils and Fats.
• All types of PET Packaging materials, Raw materials, and Ingredients.
• Preform Manufacturing Industries.
• Bottle Manufacturing Industries.
• PET Recycling Industries.
• Closure making Industries


1. Intrinsic Viscosity
2. Acetaldehyde Content
3. Moisture Content
4. Color/Haze


1. Perform mould qualification test
2. Intrinsic Viscosity
3. Acetaldehyde Content
4. Moisture Content
5. Color/Haze
6. Neck (Finish Dimension),
Body Dimension
7. Concentricity
8. Bore Internal Diameter
9. Wall thickness
10.Visual Defects


1. Intrinsic Viscosity
2. Acetaldehyde Content
3. Moisture Content
4. Color/Haze
5. Neck (Finish Dimension),
Body Dimension
6. Bore Internal Diameter
7. Wall thickness
8. Visual Defects
9. Top Load Testing
10.Drop Impact Test
11.Bottle burst testing
12.Section weight
13.Environmental Stress cracking
14.Shelf-life study testing
15.Carbonation retention testing
16.Chemical Migration Testing
17.Capacity and fill point
18.Oxygen Transmission Rate testing
19.Hot-fill simulation testing
20.Closure Torque testing

New Scope of Work for Analysis
1. Residual solvent in packaging laminate
2. Residual solvent study in printing ink sample
3. All types of plastic USP 661 testing
4. ESCR test of blow molding container
5. Carboxyl end group analysis in pet sample
6. Overall migration and Specific Migration limit test as per IS/USP/EN method.
7. Specific migration of heavy metals as per IS/USP/EN method.
8. Material identification of plastic sample by DSC, FTIR, TGA.
9. Moisture testing of plastic sample by Karl Fischer method.
10. Recyclability Study of Plastic Material by IS method.
11. All types of dimension measurement of Plastic and other material by VMM machine
12. PET injection mould qualification test
13. Shelf life and stability on Rigid and Flexible Packaging container
14. Pharma Packaging study in detail